We had a pretty good nights sleep last night in Wawa, however, this hotel must be in competition for the smallest bathroom ever, the smallest bars of soap and the smallest hairdryers. Fortunately the breakfast we had in the morning redeemed them.

After this very tasty feast, we headed off towards Thunder Bay. The weather was terrible, pouring rain and very dull and cloudy.

We did get some breaks in the weather and managed to stop off at different places to get some pictures of the beautiful scenery.

We also found a lovely little beach at Rossport.

I also saw these very pretty little flowers just to the side of the beach.

And a few more scenery shots

When we got to Thunder Bay we checked into the Hampton Inn and using my Hilton Points managed to get a king room which is very nice. We have decided to stay here for two nights as we cannot do much today because of the rain, so hopefully will get the chance to explore tomorrow.

We have just been out to Montana’s for dinner and settling down for the evening. More tomorrow….