A soggy time in Thunder Bay

Yesterday when we arrived in Thunder Bay it was raining so we decided to stay for two nights so that we could have an extra day here. However, other than the morning when we went to the Terry Fox memorial it has continued to rain heavily on and off for most of the day, so we haven’t gotten to do much at all.

We did go to the Botanical Conservatory as it was supposed to be very good. It is quite small and some areas such as the cactus area were closed off, but it is free to enter, so can’t really grumble.

I managed to get some photos of the beautiful plants there.

It is set out very nicely, but as I said it sin’t very bog, so we were only thee about 30 mins.

The cactus area was cordoned off and I really have liked to have gone in there as I like cacti. I did get a couple of shot s from the gate.

After this, we went down to the marina, but it was pouring with rain, so we gave up sightseeing at that point. We had dinner at Swiss Chalet in the evening and then didn’t really do much at all. Ready for the trip to Manitoba tomorrow.