Today we set off from Regina, Sask and headed towards Alberta. We went through some stormy areas and the skies were black, but we forged on.

Other than a few lakes and a helicopter on a pole there was little to see other than lots of sky and fields. However, we both agreed that Sask was far more interesting and hilly than Manitoba.

We were very surprised to see quite a few pelicans in various lakes and ponds along the way. I never imagined they came so far north as I suppose I associate them with Florida. You’ll have to take my word for it, but the white things in the photo below are pelicans.

Eventually, we made it to the Alberta border.

Whilst at the Alberta sign, we met our first Albertan who welcomed us to the province – a prairie dog!

We continued to see quite a lot of these sitting at the side of the highway. They are so cute, I love them already.

We went through a city called Medicine Hat and saw the World’s Tallest Teepee!

Some of the fields were covered in yellow, rape seed I think. They did look pretty.

The photos below are our first glimpse of Calgary. The land is so flat here that you can see for miles. This photo was taken 40 km from Calgary!

Then we passed the city sign.

Our hotel is located outside the city, close to the airport as it was much cheaper than staying city centre. We would have preferred to be closer to the city, but we don’t know how long we will need to stay here as we have no idea how long it will take to find an apartment. Initially, we are booked here for two weeks but can shorten or extend the stay as needed.

The room we have is a one-bedroom king suite in the Homewood Suites Hotel. It is kind of a small apartment itself and has a full kitchen so we don’t have to keep eating out. This will save us money as well as keep us healthier, hopefully!

As this is an airport hotel that normally has short stay guests, they provided us with an info pack with details of local amenities, restaurants, drug stores, grocery stores etc. This was a very nice touch as it came with a hand written note on it.

At the reception, they were very interested in why we were staying so long. I explained to the receptionist that we were relocating and the lady offered to help with any info we needed. She was very nice and welcoming.

When we got to the room we had an envelope on the desk with my name on it. Inside was a card with a lovely message.

It’s little, personal touches that make a hotel experince that much better. That and decent internet speeds, which it also has. Hopefully this bodes well for our stay here.