We woke up to our first full day in Calgary and it was bright and sunny. This is the view from our hotel window. Yes, we have a Tim Horton’s over the road. 

We started off the day by phoning a local storage place. Our truck is crammed full of our belongings and we wanted to get them into storage so they are safe. It also frees up the truck. So, after a couple of calls, we drove to a storage unit and chose the new home for our stuff. The guy was really nice and helpful and even helped Chris unload the truck and take it to our unit. So, now our possessions are locked away safe, the truck is empty again and we can relax a bit.

After this we had to find a post office as we had some items to mail from our Etsy shop. The navigation led us on a wild goose chase as it told us a Shoppers Drug Mart, with post office was in a certain location, but when we got there it was an industrial estate with no SDM. Eventually, we did find a post office.

Next, we needed some toiletries and groceries and the nearest place we found was a Walmart. We went in and got the items we needed, but it wasn’t a very nice place and we won’t be back. We want to try out the Safeway’s here and the Great Canadian Superstores we have seen about. Hopefully, they will be better. I was pleased to note that the prices here were very similar to Belleville, so no nasty surprises there. 

We then went back to the hotel to unload our purchases, had a bite to eat and drink, then went off on a whim to an apartment building to view a couple of units. The building was quite away from the main city area, but we thought it would be a starting point. On route, we got our first close-ups of the city as we drove by as well as the Bow River. 

The apartments, we decided, were too far out of town, but it gave us a good idea of sizes and layout, so not totally wasted. We will start the apartment search next week once Canada Day is over with. 

On the way back we hit traffic, a lot of traffic. Guess we aren’t in sleepy Belleville anymore!