As today is Canada Day and a very special one as it is the 150th anniversary, so we wanted to do something special. Calgary has a tonne of things going on in various locations throughout the day, but to us, Canada is the beauty of the country, not parties and things, so we decided to go to Banff National park.

Obviously, we have never been to Banff before, so weren’t sure what to expect. You can see the mountains from the city, but it takes a 45-minute drive to really get into the main part of the area and see the full glory of the scenery. 

Canmore is the main town as you enter Banff and it has amenities such as hotels, restuarants etc. We decided not to go into Canmore itself as they were also having some Canada Day festivities and the place was packed. Instead, we drove by and carried on into the main part of the national park.

Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe this place. We have been lucky enough to visit some amazingly beautiful places such as Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon etc, and Banff is right up there with them.

As we were driving we realised that we were close to the British Columbia border and could easily drive into Yoho National Park, so we did. This is now the 6th province in Canada we have been in.

We saw even more stunning scenery and at lunch time, or thereabouts as we had gone back an hour with yet another time zone change, we stopped off in a place called Field for a bite to eat.

The cafe was small and quaint and we had  chicken burgers that came with soup. It was really nice and very tasty, but the two meals and two drinks cost $40, so very expensive. 

Driving even further into BC, we ended up at Golden, before deciding the turn around and return to the hotel. 

We went through some rain showers on the way back and as we entered Calgary there were clouds looming over the city, so we might be in for a soggy evening which will be a shame as many people have firework displays planned.

We are in no way sorry we chose to do this instead of going into the city. This is the real Canada and so it was the best way to celebrate Canada Day. Well, in our eyes anyway. 

Tomorrow we will be viewing another apartment building, so fingers crossed we like what we see.