On Sunday we had an appointment booked to view an apartment building at 3 pm. So, in the morning we decided to pop up to the outlet mall that is to the north of the city, but just a few km’s from or hotel.

The mall is called the Crossiron Mall and looked pretty new. There were lots of stores that we recognized such as Bed Bath Beyond, La Senza etc, But, I would have to argue that all were really outlet stores, they were just standard stores within the outlet mall. What was nice was that there were many stores we had never come across before, probably local to Alberta or Western Canada.

The mall overall was really clean and well laid out and had different sections decorated with items such as dinosaur bones in the Fossil section and animals and fish in another. Chris found some shorts to buy at a bargain price, but I came away empty handed.

The mall also had a lot of eateries, both fast food in the food court and full restaurants. Overall a really nice mall, just don’t expect bargain you find at US outlet malls.

After spending a couple of hours back at the hotel we set off for the city centre to the apartments. The building is called Versus and we managed to find it okay, but couldn’t find the visitor parking. There was street parking outside, but we weren’t sure if we could park there or not so Chris parked up and I ran across to the leasing office and asked where the parking was. The woman there said that as it was Sunday we could park where we were for free, so we did.

We were greeted by two very friendly young women who got us to fill in an info form and then took us for a tour of the building. This is a brand new building which only started renting in March, so everything was bright and shiny. We were shown around the gym, yoga studio, gardens, patios, bbq area, cinema etc. All were really nice and very well presented.

Next, we started viewing the actual apartments. We were looking at 2-bed apartments as we want the second bedroom as an office. The finishes in them were great with granite countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms, stainless steel appliances and in-suite washer dryer, all Whirlpool brand. The two layouts we preferred were about 960 sq ft which are significantly smaller than our old house which had over 3,000 sq ft. But the floor to ceiling windows did make it feel bigger and the whole idea of this is to downsize and live more simply.

The building is 34 floors tall and we saw apartments on several floors from the 3rd to the 32nd The photos below show the view from the 32nd floor and you can see the Bow River and mountains to one side and the city on the other side of the balcony.

Another apartment on the other side of the building had not so good views of the city, but better rural and mountain views. You cannot see the mountains very well on the pics, but they are visible from the balcony.

Overall we were very impressed with the building and apartments although there were more expensive than we had planned to pay. We still have other places to view, so we will have to wait and see.