Well, the last couple of days have been busy as far as apartment hunting is concerned. We spent a lot of time researching the different buildings and the suites available as well as looking at private rental options.

Yesterday we went to a building called The Metropolitan which is located on the western edge of the Beltline area we want to be in. It was only 14 floors high and we prefer to be higher but the looked great on the promotional stuff, so we wanted to take a look.

Take about disappointing, we hated it. First off when we got to the leasing office there were tenants there trying to pay their rent and another couple complaining that something that broke the day after they moved in had not been fixed yet. I asked about the rent paying thing and the young girl showing us around said that you pay the rent on the debit machine in the lobby, not through the bank etc. This seemed odd and we were a little put out by the complaints about repairs, but we carried on to view the units.

Many of the lights in the hallways were not working and the areas around the elevators (which were slow) was very cramped feeling. When we entered the first unit we didn’t like the layout at all. Even though it was roughly the same size as the one we saw yesterday it felt much smaller and the finishes weren’t nearly as good. In total, we saw four units and really didn’t feel good about any of them. I didn’t even take any photos!

After that disappointment, we ate out and went to a local place that got good reviews The Canadian Brewhouse. Chris ordered the salt and vinegar fish & chips and I ordered the chicken parmesan. Before I ordered I checked that the sauce was a tomato sauce as I hate white, creamy sauces. The server assured me it was a tomato sauce. However when it arrived it wasn’t, so I only ended up eating the chicken part, which was very good. Chris wasn’t overly impressed with his fish & chips which apparently didn’t taste of salt & vinegar at all.

When a different server came over to remove our plates she commented on how much I had left. I explained the problem and she apologised and when she gave us the bill she had removed my meal cost entirely So, although I was disappointed with my meal, the issue was handled very well.

Today, Tuesday I started the day in the hotel laundry, but I didn’t waste my time. I phoned other apartments discussing suite sizes, prices, availability etc. I ended up making appointments with two buildings for this afternoon. I ruled out many due to either size or price, so it was a good hour or so spent.

We drove into Calgary and managed to find parking ($4 per hour) and then we took a walk for an hour exploring the area before getting to our first apartment viewing. We got to The Arch apartment building and the person who was going to show us round was delayed by another tour so another guy took us round. He was very annoying as he never shut up and followed us around the suites like a limpet. he also raced round the corridors etc so fast we couldn’t keep up and keep losing him. 

The only apartment we were interested in was on the 18th floor. It was a great size (1150 sq ft) which is huge for Calgary. But the layout was really odd. There was a nice large kitchen area but it had a huge granite island in the centre which divided up the living and dining areas. It made what was in fact a very large area feel very small as it was too segmented. The bedrooms and bathrooms were really nice sizes and bigger than the ones we saw yesterday, but the finishes weren’t as good. 

The views were okay, but not as good as yesterdays. We were very confused by this apartment as the size was great, but the layout just wasn’t ideal. 

Next, we went to the neighbouring building, Aura Towers, to view a suite on the 17th floor. This had a better layout, but not as big overall and the views weren’t as good. 

We left this place and went back to sit in the car to discuss our options. We were really confused as the apartments we saw yesterday at Versus were finished much better and the building itself was much nicer and had many more amenities.

Today’s 18th-floor apartment was 200 sq ft larger, but the layout was poor and the finishes not nearly as nice. We then decided we needed to see yesterday’s apartments again, so we phoned to see if we could have another viewing. Fortunately, they said yes and we went right over. 

The second viewings helped us decide between the two we liked in that particular building and we realised that although these apartments were smaller, the layout and overall look and feel of the space was much better. We left to think everything over.