Had a great meal at Boston Pizza last night

After a stressful day of apartment hunting, we decided to eat out last night. We chose to go to Swiss Chalet and set the car navigation but when we got to it there was a Chinese restaurant there instead, so we went to the nearby Boston Pizza.

It has been years since our last visit and we had not been impressed before. We hoped this visit would be okay. The menu was pretty extensive, but I decided on the 7-cheese ravioli and Chris had jambalaya. Our server was really poor, she was very miserable and not at all useful when asking about things on the menu. However, the food redeemed the place.

They were presented beautifully and tasted really, really good. When we were finished the server came back and asked if we wanted dessert. We joked that we were full after such a big meal and she just shrugged and walked off with our plates. A few minutes later she arrived with the bill and almost threw it on the table and then wandered off again. 

Now the bill was a surprise as each meal had only been charged $11.99 instead of the $17-18 we thought. After looking around we realised that on Tuesdays’ pasta dishes are all $11.99, so a bargain. 

The server then came back with the debit machine and when I said I was paying cash, she looked annoyed that she had gone to the trouble of bringing it over. Oh well, I guess she was having a bad day, but she shouldn’t pass that attitude onto customers.

Apart for her, the meal was great and we will definately be returning.