Furniture shopping in Calgary

Now we have our apartment sorted, we have to buy furniture and bits and pieces, so it’s shopping time. We managed to sell all our furniture in Ontario, so hopefully we can buy what we need without spending anything extra, well that’s the plan!

We found several furniture stores locally that we were not familiar with so went to each to see what they had. As with many Canadian stores, much of the stuff is very old fashioned and not to our taste. But we did find a couple of sofas that looked okay. Fortunately, as the apartment is small. We don’t need too much stuff, just a sofa, coffee table, tv, dining table and of course a bed.

After these stores, we found Ikea and had a look around there. We found quite a lot of things we liked and unless we find other things elsewhere it looks like we might be able to get a lot of our stuff here. That would be good as they charge a one off delivery fee of $79, so we could get everything delivered together.  

We did find an interesting dining table that we liked in a small store near Ikea. It is small, so will fit well and will be big enough for the two of us and for me to do my colouring on. 

Once we finalize our choices, we can arrange for things to be delivered next week, hopefully in time for us to be able to move out of the hotel quickly.