Wow, what a day. We managed to achieve a lot and are all set to take possession of our new apartment tomorrow. This morning I managed to get all our laundry done in the hotel. I may have to do another load before we leave, but hopefully not.

Next, we went off to Ikea, which seems to be our second home at the moment. Yesterday, we managed to tie down all the items we wanted and had a long list of things. We wanted them delivered, so I found a guy as we entered and explained what we wanted and he said he would sort it out for us. We had a choice of picking all the items ourselves, take them to a certain point in the store and arrange delivery. Or, we could pay $20 and have Ikea pick everything for us and deliver. It was a no-brainer to go with this option. The delivery is $79 for everything, so pretty good if, like us you are ordering a lots of stuff.

He then entered all our items into his computer and confirmed that everything was in stock and asked when we wanted delivery. We chose Tuesday morning and he confirmed a four hour period and that they will phone about 30 mins before arrival. He made spending money very easy. He printed off our order and told us to take it to the checkout for payment. On the way through we picked up a few other small bits and pieces and then paid for it all.

We also went to a few other places and picked up other items such as bedding and looked for tv options etc. We also ordered a dining table from another store and had lunch. Phew, what a day.

We have spent quite a bit, but still well within our budget of only spending the money we got from selling items from the old house. We still need to buy a tv but will do that in the week as it isn’t very important. 

We are now back at the hotel and will relax for the rest of the evening, then tomorrow we will get some bits from our storage locker to take to the apartment. We have our orientation meeting in the afternoon and then it’s ours.