Last night we decided we could leave the hotel for good and move into our apartment as now we had the basics such as bed and sofa we could manage. So, this morning we packed everything from the hotel room and checked out after 13 nights. We drove to the apartment and rather than use the service elevator, we just took things up to our suite bit by bit.

We also had another delivery, this time our dining table and chairs. These arrived earlier than planned and we had to change the elevator booking period, but fortunately, no one else had it booked so it was okay. The delivery guys not only delivered it, they assembled it and took away all the packaging – nice!

I have to say it is nice that the building has garbage and recycling as it means we don’t have to keep all the packaging etc until recycling day like in the house. We just take it downstairs and dump it in the dumpster. Smaller garbage items can be put straight in the shoot on each floor. Makes life much easier.

Chris also built my new makeup vanity which I love. It also has a drawer unit which is yet to be built. 

Another addition to the suite is a TV, so we can watch our UK TV on it rather than on our ipads as we had done whilst in the hotel. Of course, we also have Telus TV, but we don’t want to get into the habit of watching too much TV again. We usually only watch 2 hours in the evening and that is normally stuff we have taped from UK channels or Netflix.

As we are in the middle of the Calgary Stampede period there are lots of things going on around the city including concerts. One rock concert was just over the road from our building, so we could hear it all evening in our suite. Normally we would find it annoying, but it was not a problem. Free entertainment! Also, there are fireworks every night of the Stampede and we watched these from our window which was pretty cool.

Chris also managed to get a really good photo of the city at night taken from the balcony.