Today we decided to take a day off from unpacking and building furniture, instead, we took a walk downtown to take in the Calgary Stampede events going on there. We are very fortunate that our apartment is located right in the heart of the Beltline and we are only a short walk from pretty much everything.

First on the list of places to go was the Post Office to post some orders from our Etsy store and to set up mail forwarding from our Ontario address to this one. Fortunately, this turned out to be quick and easy and soon we will be able to access the mail that has been on hold for the last few weeks. 

Next, we took a walk to a mall we found out about just to see what stores were there. The Core turned out to be a really nice mall with lots of shops and a large food court. It is spread over 4 floors and spans several blocks downtown. This will be a good mall to visit for us as it is within walking distance and contains a Sephora!

After wandering around the mall we ventured outside to the heat and found ourselves in the middle of a big outdoor event that was going on. There were street vendors, food trucks, buskers and lots of food vendors. Every other store was selling cowboy hats and a lot of cowboy and western type goods for sale. 

This was also a good place to take in some of the sights. 

One building downtown is The Bow which is a bow shaped building that has a large head statue  outside called Wonderland. It is huge (12 meters high) and really fun.

After taking in all the sights and sounds in this area we decided to take a walk down to the Bow River. I just love the look of this river as it is green because of the minerals that come from the glaciers where it come from. Fortunately we can see the river from our apartment which makes me happy!

A bit further along the river is a bridge called Peace Bridge which is a funky looking pedestrian bridge across the river. 

By now it was late afternoon and getting very very hot, so we decided to go back to the apartment to cool down.

I forgot to mention before that we had requested that our allocated parking space be changed. The space we have is very tight for our truck as it has a pillar to one side and a bulge in the wall which means that when we reverse in the driver’s door is blocked. I could never see myself being confident at parking in the spot and it was really concerning me. So I asked the concierge yesterday if there was any chance of us getting a different spot. She told me to take a look at the spaces and find a couple that we would like and let her know and she would see if they were free.

Well, today we found out that one of the spots we preferred is now ours. It is at the bottom of the ramp which means we can easily drive straight into it. It is also wider, so allows for better reversing in and we can open both doors! I feel much better knowing we have this parking spot now.

All in all a very good day.