Saturday was the last but one day of the Stampede and after all the activity downtown yesterday, we decided to walk down there again to see what was going on. Strangely, everywhere was much quieter. We expected much more going on as it was a Saturday and we assumed there would be more visitors here at the weekend, but there were far fewer people milling about and less activities.

We did, however, find quite a few people square dancing in the middle of the street which was fun. There was a band and a woman narrating the moves of the dance (I’m sure there is a proper term for this!) and a group of dancers that obviously knew what they were doing who were getting people off the street to join in. Good fun to watch, but I wasn’t tempted to join in.

Next, we found a large area with lots of people dancing and horses everywhere. It turned out to be a big display of First Nations dancing and their people in traditional dress with their horses. It seems we had missed much of the display as they were just getting ready to retire the horses to give them a rest, but we did see some of it which was really interesting.

Just next to this was a children’s petting zoo area with rabbits, goats, and piglets. There were plenty of adults there too, so of course, we had to take a look. The goats were really friendly and happy to be petted until they found out you didn’t have any food, then they were off to find someone who did.

Although there wasn’t as much going on today, it was still fun and we saw a bit more of the city as on the way to and from downtown we visited some art galleries and some other places that we hadn’t been to before.

I really think we are going to enjoy living in this city.