Last week when we changed our driving licenses etc to Alberta we got a form allowing us to get an Out of Province safety test done on our truck to enable us to register it in Alberta.

Well, yesterday the truck went into the local Ford garage to have the test done. We took it in at 8:30 am and they said they would need it all day. We went back home to wait, but then decided to walk into town and of course, we hadn’t been there long when they phoned to say it was complete and we could pick it up. We wandered back the few km’s to the garage and collected it. Surprise, surprise for a truck that is only 8 months old, it passed with flying colours. Cost $260.

In the afternoon I phoned our insurance company to transfer our Ontario insurance to Alberta. The guy I spoke to was really slow and kept repeating things and tasks. In total, I was on the phone for 1 hr 53 mins! I have no idea why it took so long, but in the end, we do have a new Alberta policy. I also had a sore ear and a flat phone battery! 

Now we had the test certificate and insurance we could get the car Alberta plates and sticker, so this morning we went back to the Alberta Motor Association and get everything completed. We left a short time later with a new Alberta license plate, they only have one on the rear here.

Our truck is now official in Alberta!