Yesterday afternoon we wandered up to 17th Avenue on a mission! The mission was to try out ice cream at a place that was getting rave reviews as the best ice cream in Calgary. With a bold statement like that, we had to check it out. We are, after all, ice cream experts and consider Slickers in Picton and Bloomfield, PEC, Ontario to be some of the best around. Could this place become our new ice cream location?

The place is called Made by Marcus and it was pretty busy, just like Slickers, so this was a good sign. 

They did not have as many flavours as Slickers, but the lemon Curd Blueberry sounded nice so we both had a cup of that.

It was very nice and we both enjoyed it, but we both agreed that we preferred Slickers. I love their raspberry white chocolate and the jazzberry and Chris loves their apple pie. I guess as they place is only a 10 minute walk away, we will definitely be back and will have to try some of the other flavours.