We had to do some shopping yesterday but as we finished quite early and were to the very north of the city, decided to follow our noses and see where we ended up.

We went north to Airdrie first and then got on a road going west, so followed it to the mountains. Once again the air is very hazy here due to the wildfires in British Columbia. Some days are better than others, but on this day it was pretty hazy and although we knew the mountains were there, we couldn’t get good views of them until we were practically under them. 

We ended up in Canmore which is a town in the Rockies that is extremely popular with tourists. As this was a Saturday and in the middle of the holidays and great weather it was no surprise that it was absolutely packed. It was obvious that we would have a hard time parking and wandering around with so many people about would be a nightmare, so we decided to leave and return another day. 

We are still coming to terms with the fact that we actually live here now and can visit as often as we like as it is less than an hour away. We are truly very lucky. We will definitely go back to Canmore when there are fewer people and the weather is a bit cooler as it looked a really lovely place. I did get this quick photo as we drove through – strange!