Since moving to Calgary we have been on the hunt for good ice cream and yesterday we found a really good contender for top spot, Scrollio Rolled Ice Cream!

We had seen this place a couple of times along 17th Ave and hadn’t given it much thought. In fact it is just block away from the ice cream place we visited the other week – Made by Marcus, but there was never a line up like there is outside Marcus so we thought it probably wasn’t very good. But as ice cream connoisseurs we felt it was our duty to give it a try. As we found out, this is ice cream like no other.

You can choose many ice cream flavours, but you start with a base of either chocolate or vanilla. We both chose vanilla and berry as a flavour. They then get a liquid form of ice cream and added lots of berries to it, It was then emptied onto a cooling pan contraption on the counter and they then proceeded to knead it and flip it and mix in the berries. It was fascinating to watch as it slowly froze and formed ice cream. 

Once it started to freeze, they then got a spatula and started rolling it and then placed it in a cup.

Once in the cup they added more berries and wafer and various other bits and pieces until we had the full rolled ice cream. Wow!

The ice cream was delicious and I cannot understand why it is not more popular. Apparently this place only opened at the beginning of July, so quite new to Calgary and perhaps people automatically go to Marcus because he is established and has the reviews etc. But this place definitely gets our thumbs up and we will definitely be back to try out other flavours. The ice cream was $7.50 each, not cheap, but definitely worth it.