We had seen information relating to an event in nearby Inglewood which we decided to go to even though the weather predicted rain. It is called Sunfest and appears to be an annual event taking place on several streets in Inglewood.

We decided to walk as it was only about 4km from our apartment. We left about 11:30 and it was quite cool, the coolest day we have had here for a while, the skies were also cloudy, so we hoped the rain would hold off.

When we got to Inglewood we were a bit hungry so wanted to get something to eat. There were lots of food trucks about, but it started to rain, so we popped into the nearest eatery which happened to be Starbucks. Now, I know there is a tradition that they get your name wrong, but this time, I’m really not sure who I am! John? Joth? Jath? Jatn? No idea, but definitely not Jane! Oh well, it tasted good.

After about 20 mins the rain stopped and we set off exploring the festival. One street which seemed to be the main street, full of shops had vendors along each side selling everything from yoga classed, jewellery, photographs to dog collars. By now the weather was much better and it was becoming quite hot and very sunny. 

There was also a Show N Shine car show which was very small, but we found a few more classic cars dotted along the route.

There were some street performers and bands at the fest too. 

And a few more pics including one of the Mayor of Calgary.

We left after a couple of hours and walked back which was a struggle as it was really hot now, but we made it, just in time. Not long after getting home the heavens opened and it poured with rain for about an hour, but it did cool things down a bit!