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Now we have been in Calgary for a while, we have noticed a lot of public art installations throughout the city. They can be in parks, alongside highways or on a street corner. So we decided to spend a few hours wandering around to see what we could find.

We started off close to home – downtown. Art is everywhere here and although we got to see a lot, we by no means saw everything. In fact, we didn’t see some things we have spotted before, so we still need to seek them out again. 

Some of the art works are really good and worthy of their place, others perhaps not so much. There is a lot of controversy in the city over these installations, as many of them cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and some are not by Canadian artists, so this causes even more unrest. But, putting all that aside, here are some of the things we found.

Calgary Roots

This is located outside TD Canada Trust and we pass it almost every day and never knew exactly what it was supposed to be. Having researched it, it is called Calgary Roots and we are still no nearer knowing what it means!

Alberta Family

This is located in a park called Century Gardens along 8th Avenue and this time, you can easily see what this is supposed to depict. Parents having fun with their children. By Stanley Bleifeld.


Also in Century Gardens are these bears playing together. By Leo Mol.

The Winner

Just outside Century Gardens is this guy that we always referred to as Chess Man, but the artwork is actually called The Winner. You can sit opposite him and engage in his game of chess if you wish. I like him! By J. Seward Johnson Jr.

Sitting Eagle

This is an 11-foot statue of Sitting Eagle, the chief of the Stoney Nakoda (First Nation of Alberta). He was also known as John Hunter. We saw his headdress in the Glenbow Museum the other day, so I’ve added that pic to the collection. By Don Begg.

Buffalo Trails

As its name suggests this is a trail of buffalo mounted on stones. They have been there a while and it looks like a lot of people have petted them over the years. By JoAnne Schachtel.

Ever Evolving Human

Not sure what to say about this one on 3rd Street. I guess there are human bits and pieces in there that are evolving, but really it’s just a lot of pretentious bollocks! Whoops, shouldn’t I say that? Oh, well, it’s my blog, I can say what I like. By Shane R. L. Sutherland.

8 Seconds to Glory

This one is also on 3rd Street in the flower bed next to the one above. But this time I can see what it’s supposed to be. It’s a cowboy at the rodeo and the 8 seconds refers to how long they have to stay on the animal to win. Also by Shane R. L. Sutherland

Turner valley Mural

I really love this mural along 6th Avenue SW. It measures 15 by 45 meters, so I managed to get a panorama photo from my camera to make sure I got it all in. The artist is Doug Driediger and I feel that it depicts Alberta and the role industries such as oil, gas and farming have had on the province.  

Sadko & Kabuki

What’s not to love about these two fun guys. The red one is Sadko and the yellow one is Kabuki. They can be found at Bow ValleySquare (2nd St SW) and they are just adorable. By Soel Etrog.

Transit Story

This set of 30 imaginatively designed people can be found at Centre Street CRT station. They are waiting for the next train. You have to look at them from the right angles to get that they are people, otherwise, they just look like lots of metal sticking out the ground. Looking towards the west they are different shades of blue, but look to the east and they are yellow and orange. Love this one too! By Jill Anholt.


No idea what this is called, or what it’s supposed to be, but I kinda like it. 

Well, I won’t bore you with more at this stage, although I have lots more left to share with you. I’ll split them up, and feed them to you over time.

Apparently, there are over 100 art installations around Calgary and more are added all the time, so plenty more to find!

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