There are literally hundreds of art installations throughout Calgary and I am on a mission to find them all. It may take some time and I may or may not succeed, but  I’m going to have a damn good try.

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Family of Horses

These majestic animals are located at City Plaza amongst several other art works. They are life-size and made of bronze and designed by Harry O’Hanlon. There are a mother and foal together with the father just a few feet away, at least that’s my interpretation!

Tribute Plaza

This is also located in City Plaza and consists of a beautiful tribute wall dedicated to fallen police officers and fire fighters. It gives a history of the two organisations in pictures and words on a marble wall which surrounds a huge orange structure. 

I’m really not a Gopher

I’ve mentioned this wall before and I love it. Having done some research it seems that this was first installed back in 2010 to celebrate Calgary Parks 100th anniversary. There were lots of gophers installed throughout the city parks and they were all pink! They proved to be so popular that it was decided they would be brought back for Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations, but this time each painted in one of the official colours of the Canada 150 logo. They were designed by Kristina Meehan-Prins. 

Balancing Act

Another exhibit in City Plaza of a lot of shapes balancing on each other! I’ll say no more!

Farm Work Horse

This is quite a beautiful piece of art as it is made entirely from old farm machine parts. He stands along Centre Street, just off Stephen Avenue, downtown and it incredibly intricate. 


Meet Benny. He stands outside The Cellar welcoming patrons into the wine store. You’ll find him and a lot of wine along Stephen Ave.

The Conversation

You’ll find these two old gents chatting outside the Big Rock Brewery on Stephen Ave. They are life size, so you can go up to them and join in the conversation if you want. They are also very popular for selfies! Designed by William McElcheran!  


Other that this being a turtle located along 9th Avenue at Bankers Hall, I know nothing more about it, sorry!

Between the Earth and the Sky

This is located at Bankers Hall alongside the turtle. There is a large brick mound with two naked men on top with their back to each other. There is another naked man standing on the ground. Apparently, the cone of local rundle stone illustrates the mountains nearby. While the two bronzed figures on top stand, back to back, looking forwards and backwards through space and time. Another figure off to the side holds a fossil as he gazes into the beauty of the sky. The artists depicts the contemplation of place and perception of what is and what we project onto the world around us. Exactly what I thought!!!!!!!!

People Weatherveins

Again on 9th Ave you will come across this array of weather veins with people on them. I cannot find any more info on them.

Big U

The title of this art work is mine as I couldn’t find any details relating to it. It is just a large U shaped object in the middle of the sidewalk. I rather like this as it appears as different shapes depending on how and where you view it. 


This strange seating area is close to the Calgary Tower and has amazing wave-like structures made of wood and metal. The ends of the waves rise up into majestic mirrors that reflect the cityscape and in particular the Calgary Tower itself. One of my favorite art pieces in the city.

Well, that’s another 12 amazing pieces of art around Calgary. All these are in the downtown area and easily walkable from our apartment. There are still tons more to share with you, but I’ll continue another time…..