Since moving to Calgary we have really missed the wildlife we used to see every day in our garden. We, therefore, decided to visit another area of the Fish Creek Provincial Park in Calgary to see if we could find any.  

This time we went to the far west of the park. As you can see its very pretty and forested, so we were hopeful.

The water levels in the river are really low at the moment.

As we wandered through the wildlife was elusive, but I did find some interesting toadstools!

Also found some fluffy stuff!

All of a sudden, there it was – a squirrel. I cannot remember the last time we go so excited over seeing a squirrel. He’s obviously stiocking up for the winter. 

Then a grasshopper, oh well, I’ll take what I can get here!

We went to another area that had a section cordoned off to protect snakes. Yeah, we thought. We are going to find some snakes. But no, not a slithery snake in sight, although we probably passed hundreds without noticing them.

We did see this brick column, probably an old chimney next to one of the toilet blocks.

This area was nowhere near as good as the last place we went to for wildlife. There we saw lots of birds and deer, but here, nothing. Well, a squirrel, but that’s all. We will have to try somewhere else for our wildlife fix.