On Sunday the skies were unusually clear in Calgary. This last few weeks, well pretty much since we’ve been here, the skies have been full of smoke from the wildfires. We decided that if the same were true on Monday we would travel over to Banff. 

Well, on Monday the skies were pretty clear, not quite as crystal clear as Sunday, but much better than they had been, so off we went to Banff National Park. We were hoping that as the holiday season was over there would be fewer tourist there.

The drive in was uneventful but very scenic.

However, you have to question the logic at building this monstrosity just as you enter the park. In fact there are two of them!

Oh well, we eventually got to Banff itself. We have driven past Banff, but never actually stopped off as it’s always been crammed with tourists. We had a bit of trouble finding the parking area, but got to it eventually.

We decided to head for the river first just to see what was around. What we found was a lovely road bridge called Bow River Bridge that spans the river and leads down both sides to a scenic walkway.

After taking in the views from the top, we wandered down to the trail underneath that follow along with the river. We then came to another pedestrian bridge and crossed over to the other side so that we could take in the views.

We saw a sign for the Bow Falls Trail, so thinking there must be a waterfall at the end we decided to follow it along to see that we found. The trail went along the river and followed a trail that in parts was paved and others was a walkway along the wooded area. There were quite a lot of steps and inclines, so not for the less agile!

As you walk along you can see the water getting more and more like white water with lots of rapids and foaming water. 

Eventually, you end up at a large clearing where the falls are actually located. It has to be said that this is not Niagara Falls, but they are very pretty. However, it’s the scenery surrounding it that really takes your breath away.

This is what the term stunning was invented for!

Some slightly better shots from Chris

Our adventure in Banff continues in the next post