A day in and around Banff National park (part 2)

Continuing from the first post….

After the fabulous Bow Falls Trail, we were getting hungry, so headed back into town. On the way, we spotted a really unusual fence on a property which I just had to get some photos of. 

Banff town itself is really pretty with all the shops, even department stores looking more like Swiss chalets than ugly stores. There are tons of souvenir shops and everything seems to be aimed at the tourist, so pretty expensive. But it is pretty, and of course has spectacular mountain vistas all around it.

By now we were really hungry, so we looked out for a place to eat. We came across lots of restaurants and eateries, but we wanted a snack, rather than a meal and eventually found a quaint little cafe tucked down the side street. It was called K Bakery and Cafe and we joined a decent size lineup for food. 

As someone who hates spreads, mayo etc in sandwiches, I love it when you can choose your own fillings and this place really catered for that. Although they had other items such as soup, toasties etc, we both fancied a sandwich. Here you choose your sandwich in steps. First, you chose your bread, then your condiments and sauces, then your meat and cheese and finally veggies. Perfect!

I chose ciabatta bread with pulled pork, cheddar cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, and lettuce. Chris chose multigrain with butter, mustard, beef, tomatoes, and cucumber. Although we had to wait a while to be served and again for the food to arrive, it was well worth it. Our sandwiches were wonderful and so was the coffee and tea we also had.

Next we had to have our photo taken with a Sasquatch, well you do, don’t you!

After spending some time wandering around town it was starting to get busy, so we got back into the car to explore some more of the area. As we were driving out of town we noticed a sign for Vermilion Lakes Drive. It sounded nice, so off we went. It turned out to be quite a short drive as once you get past the initial lakes, it turns into a bike trail. 

But it did lead to two beautiful lakes called, rather unimaginativly, First Vermilion Lake and Second Vamilion Lake. 

Next on the agenda was a trip up Norquay Road, which according to the map was a windy road going up the side of a mountain leading to a spectacular lookout. The road up was lovely in itself. 

But, when we got to the lookout – oh WOW!

I also got a panorama view.

Chris got some pretty awesome shots too

After this we decided to visit nearby Lake Minnewanka. Now that is a whole new blog post…..