I have mentioned before that there is a lot of public street art in Calgary. So far I have published two post related to this, now for a third.

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Luminous Crossings

These are located at LTR stations and actually, serve the purpose of marking the fare-free zone. They can be found at City Hall LRT Station (Macleod Trail & Third St. S.E.) and Downtown West – Kerby LRT Station (10th/11th St. on Seventh Ave. S.W.). They light up at night.

Nova Gate

This is located outside the Nexen building which used to be owned by NOVA Corporation, hence the name. It has been here since 1982. 

Selkirk House

I couldn’t find out anything about this statue which is outside Selkirk House, 4th Ave SW. 

Millennium Beetle

This is located along 3rd Ave SW as is a large beetle sculpted by James R. Gaits-Goldsmith.

Spirit Dance

This is supposed to depict flowers and flame dancing. Okay!


This is kinda cool, in a strange way. It is called Brothers and is by James R. Gaits-Goldsmith who is also responsible for the beetle above. I’d prefer the title Two-faced myself, but what do I know?

Porte Cochere de la Lumiere

Translated this means “The Portal of Light”, and is by Michael Hayden. Apparently, it lights up at night to be quite stunning. It is 55 feet tall.  


This sits right next to the one above and is by Laszlo Szilvassy. It depicts flames as its name suggests and it really works. 


Outlaw was a famous bull from the Calgary Stampede. He was ridden 71 times and only one person ever made it through the full eight seconds on his back. I took a photo of the sign for this sculpture as it says all you need to know about him.


This is located on the corner of 1st and 4th Avenue SW. Artist John McEwan designed it to pay homage to the rocky mountain sheep’s horn. It is 24 feet high and sits alongside Weaving Fence.

Weaving Fence

This is at the side of the Horn and is by the same artist. It acts as a windbreak!

River Fragments

This is quite a cool piece of art that reflects the light on the copper circles. You can move the circles if you want to. It is located at the Sun Life Building and is the work of Tony Bloom. 

Okay, so there is another set of public street art to be found in Calgary. Still more to find, so expect more posts in the future.