We are both fans of car shows and with all the moving home stuff going on this year we haven’t really been to any shows, so when we saw that there was one an hour away, we jumped at the chance.

Fortunately, the weather was forecast to be perfect, well perfect for us, so off we went. The drive down was nice and all the way down highway 2 we were treated to mountain views with snow-topped peaks. I’m not sure we’ll ever get used to this.

It took us under an hour to reach the town of High River which is south of Calgary. This is where the River City Classics car show was being held.

It started at 10 am and we got there just before. Whenever we have been to car shows before, it often takes a couple of hours for all the show cars to arrive and they are often really slow to start, so we thought we’d get there early, find parking and then have a coffee somewhere. But, when we got there everything was in full swing. There were hundreds of cars and lots of people already, so we skipped the coffee!

This is a town show, so all the cars were parked in the main streets around the centre of town and also in the local park. It was a really big show with over 1,000 show cars. There was everything from modern supercars to classics, gassers to rat rods. There was also a lot of food trucks and a few bands and 50’s dancers. Something for everyone!

Here are some of the cars we saw – photos by Chris.

We had a great hot chocolate from one of the food trucks, better than a lot of coffee shops. We also treated ourselves to a hot dog at lunchtime which was also really good.

Here are some more cars, photos by me.

These 50’s dancers were quite entertaining and I loved the music they were dancing to as it was Elvis Presley!

As morning turned into afternoon it got warmer and warmer and more and more people started to arrive. It got to the point where you could barely get around the cars. We had managed to get around twice and were there for a good four hours, so decided to leave. 

We headed south again for about 15 minutes to the town of Nanton. We had been here before when visiting the local Air Force Museum, but this time wanted to check out some of the antique stores there. We wandered around for an hour or so then headed back home. 

This will be the last car show of the year as the weather will be changing soon. It was well worth the visit and was one of the best car shows we have been to. Will definitely come next year if we are still in the area.