Mount Lorette Ponds: A little gem in Alberta

On our way home from Lake Louise we decided to take the scenic route back via Highway 40 and stopped off at Mount Lorette Ponds picnic area for a break. We are so glad we did.

There are quite a few pull outs and picnic areas along Highway 40 and we had stopped off at quite a few in our travels, but never this one for some reason. It is at the north end of the highway and you pull into a general parking area and take a short trail to the ponds.

Along the route, there are numerous little picnic areas, all with tables and benches and all separated with foliage. It is lovely, but then you come across the ponds. Oh wow!

What a find this turned out to be, it was beautiful and I actually much preferred this area to Lake Louise – there I said it, now shoot me! I was so underwhelmed by Lake Louise, so this was a beautiful surprise and my highlight of the day. 

Although they are called ponds, they are really a tributary of the Kananaskis River which forms a U shape. 

As you can see the ponds were stunning, set amongst the pines and mountains. 

One of the ponds had an almost luminous green algae/plant growing in it that just glowed.

Chris managed to get some really nice shots, especially the top one showing the reflection of the mountain in the lake. 

I’m really glad we decided to take this detour and it more than made up for our disappointment at Lake Louise.