Drumheller is known as the dinosaur capital of the world due to the huge number of fossils found in the area. What better way to spend a day than searching for dinosaurs?

Drumheller is about 1.5 hours away from Calgary, to the northeast located in an area known as The Badlands. The drive there is pretty boring it has to be said, with miles and miles of flat, brown farmland. At least it was when we went. But as you come into Drumheller the scenery starts to change and become more interesting.

 We started our visit to Drumheller with the obligatory photo of the welcome sign, complete with dinosaur of course.
We started our visit to Drumheller with the obligatory photo of the welcome sign, complete with dinosaur of course.

Our first stop was going to be the Royal Tyrrell Museum as we wanted to get there as it opened at 10 am and hopefully miss some of the crowds. As we were quite early, we stopped off at Tim Horton’s which was just as you enter the town and passed a few minutes over coffee/tea and muffins. 

To put the town into context, it was first put on the map when a guy called J. B. Tyrell came here looking for coal and during his excavations came across the skull of a dinosaur which was later named, Albertasaurus, yes really! The town flourished as a coal mining town but as more and more fossils were found it soon became a hotbed for paleontologist and the like searching for dinosaurs.

As we were driving through the town to the museum we passed the information centre which is also where the “World’s Largest Dinosaur” is, so of course, we stopped off for the photo op. 

The dinosaur is 25 metres or 86 feet tall which is 4.5 times larger than the real T-Rex. 

We didn’t realize until we got there that you can actually go inside the Dino and look out of its mouth, but we didn’t bother with that………..you really believed that? 

You have to enter through the gift shop/information centre and it costs $4 per adult, but the ticket is valid all day, so you can come back if you want to. There are 106 stairs to the top (there is a seat half way) and once you get to the mouth, this is what you see, at least this is what I saw!

There are really good views of Drumheller town and the surrounding Badlands. It is definitely worth the $4 just for the view, but especially as you are surrounded by T-rex teeth too!

You might notice from the views there is another dinosaur in front of this one, so that was our next stop.

As you drive through town there are lots of dinosaurs sitting at the side of roads, outside shops and in people’s gardens etc. Apparently, at least one is added every year and there are over 30 in total. We spotted a few but didn’t go out of our way to find them. Drumheller certainly takes the dinosaur theme to the max!

Our next stop, was our original destination, The Royal Tyrrell Museum which is home to one of the world’s largest collections of dinosaur fossils. I have added this as a separate post as there is a lot to say and see.