Continued from Drumheller post

We arrived just after the opening time of 10 am and there were very few people here, just as we hoped.  We had a nice surprise going in as we had expected to pay $18 each for admission, but it was a culture day or something so it was completely free. Brilliant!

We were given a ticket and a map and off we went. The first area we came to was the Cretaceous Alberta section. Straight away we were confronted with huge dinosaurs.

The next thing we came across was a massive T-Rex skeleton. The photos show it size as Chris is standing as a measure. The separate skull is known as Black Beauty because of its colour, see plaques for more information.

Apologies in advance, there are a lot of photos!

Lots more interesting fossils were to follow. When an item has a description or additional info I have added a photo of the plaque immediately after the fossil photo for reference.

And a few last ones, including a Dire Wolf for Game of Thrones fans.

You exit the museum through the gift shop as always, although I did find a nice pair of earrings that I purchased. We also stopped off at the cafe for a bite to eat. I had chicken fingers and Chris had a burger, with two drinks it came to $19. So, we actually got my earrings and lunch for the price of the admission which was free today, so not bad at all.