Yesterday morning we popped over to Inglewood Bird Sanctuary again, hoping to spot some wildlife. As we arrived early, there were not many other people there, just a few fellow wildlife spotters.

 At first, it seemed like we would see nothing as it was very quiet. Of course, a lot of the birds have migrated already, but there was still a few about. We spotted flickers, geese, ducks, starlings, and woodpeckers. But they are all “common” birds, so not too exciting.

As we wandered around the trail I spotted a ripple in the water which was definitely not a bird and turned out to be a muskrat. We have seen these a lot back in Ontario, but this was our first sighting of one in Alberta. He swam up the river with a mouth full of vegetation and eventually headed to a large rocky island in the middle of the river and disappeared underneath to his den. We saw him a couple more times then he seemed to disappear.  

We carried on round and spoke to a couple of guys who were equipped with binoculars and cameras and they said that there was sometimes a heron in another section of the park. As we were headed in that direction we hoped to catch a glimpse.

At first, we could not see the heron, but then we spotted someone on the opposite side of the river trailing his binoculars to the top of a tree just ahead of us. Sure enough, there was the heron, sitting at the top of the tree preening. This is a blue heron and we stood watching him for quite a long time. 

Then a large family approached, complete with strollers and totally freaked him out and off he flew. 

Soon after many more people started to arrive including a large group of young school kids. We knew that after this we stood little chance of seeing anything else, so left. But definitely worth the visit and we willkeep coming back as it is only a short distance away.