Well, it’s not looking good for our water leak. When I left you last time we had filled the bath with water and waiting to see if it leaked, this would be a quick fix as it is a case of changing the plug washer. 

We left the water for over three hours and no leaks. We then had to drain the water and check for leaks. Sure enough, half an hour after releasing the water we had seepage in the wardrobe and hallway. Oh buggar, this means it is the drain that is the issue, not the plug. 

Chris phoned the maintenance guy and told him the results and he was not pleased. He thinks it might be a big job and of course this is Thanksgiving weekend, so nothing is going to be done until next week. Thank goodness we have another shower to use in the main bathroom, no idea what we would have done if we had chosen the 1.5 bath option.

On the plus side, as we are no longer homeowners we don’t have to worry about getting it fixed and paying for it. We only have to deal with the inconvenience of it all, which we hope won’t be too excessive. But, the maintenance guy did say it was worse case scenario and the bath might have to come out, which won’t be a simple procedure.