I have been on a continuing quest to find and photograph the street art that is prolific around Calgary and have so far documented almost 50 different items. Links to each of the previous posts, can be found below. I think this will be the last one of this year as the weather is now pretty crappy and I just cannot get out and about to photograph them like I could in the summer.

So, here is my final installation for this year. All the items in all five posts are all within walking distance of our apartment. There are lots more about, but we need to travel to those, so I’ll maybe do those in the spring. 

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Stock Broker Bell

This bell was presented to Robert G. Peters, founder of Peters & Co and was inspired by the bell that came from Lloyd’s of London. 


A sculpture by Charles Hilton that represents friendship. Not sure I get it, but it is interesting! It is located below the Canterra Tower, 3rd Avenue SW and is made of bronze.

The Pandrol Clip

This sculpture is of a Pandrol Clip which is part of the railway fastening system and represents strength and endurance. The actual clip is less 20mm in diameter and weighs just 2 pounds. This sculpture, I’m guessing is slightly more! 

Glass Chandeliers

Three beautiful glass chandeliers can be found in the +15 transit system at Jamieson Place Winter Garden on 4th Ave. SW. They are by glass artist Dale Chihuly and consist of over 400 pieces of blown glass. They are stunning and huge and catch the light beautifully. 

Pathways to Everywhere, An Exploration

Also located in Jamieson Place by artist Dennis Oppenheim is this sculpture which extends both inside and outside the building and consists of acrylic pathways and corridors in a mobius strip.

Chinook Arc

This art piece is located on 12th Ave SW, just around the corner from our apartment. We have always referred to it as the blob, but it is apparently inspired by the Chinook arch and the Beltline Streetcar loop. Okay! Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock are the artists and it can be found in Barb Scott Park. Oh, by the way, it lights up at night.

Hand Signals

Unusual sign language gestures are located along 4th Street SW and spell out the word DREAMS. The artist is Derek Michael Besant.

Scene and Heard on Fourth

Rusty farm animals, namely four cows and a dog can be found wandering down 4th Street SW. They are made of rusted steel and are by Terry Gregoraschuk. As you can see they are decorated with graffiti. 

Angel Heart

Another 4th Street SW art piece is Angel Heart. It is made of steel and plated with copper which has been buffed and coated to retain its beautiful colour. It has chimes which sound with the wind. By Errol Lee Fullen.

Chippendale Bench

Take a seat along 4th Street SW. The artist is Karen HoFatt.

Hanging Out

Another 4 Street piece, this time by artist Peter Smith. This was installed in 1994 and when I researched it it stated there were three frogs sitting on the bench. When we saw it there was only one frog. 

Wall Relief

This wall relief by Oliver Tomas is along the rear wall of the Glenbow Museum in downtown Calgary.