The weather forecast for Sunday was going to be super hot. By that, I mean it was going to be about +2C, which is considerably hotter than it has been for the last couple of weeks, so we wanted to go out.

We decided to drive up to Cochrane and then follow our noses. We had seen that snow was forecast over the mountains, so we made the decision not to go too far west as we didn’t want to get caught out and end up in a snowstorm. 

The drive was pretty uneventful out towards Cochrane and we entered the town via Highway 1A and decided to keep following it west, yes I said west!

The photos are not great as the light was really poor with little to separate the mountains from the sky. It was also incredibly windy and the truck was being rocked, especially as we drove along the more open roads.

So, against our better judgment, we followed the 1A even further west as there was no sign of snow and we figured we could turn around if needed. Before we knew it we were coming up to the junction with the Trans Canada Highway. We could either head north towards Canmore or south towards Calgary or Highway 40 which we often travel down. Highway 40 won!

The scenery looked very bleak here as it was very cloudy and the trees had lost a lot of their green luster, so it looked quite blah!

We stopped off at Barrier Lake, but it was so windy we coud bearely stand up and Chris’ hat flew off and he had to chase it into the trees. 

We did manage to see a white-tailed deer as she ran across the road in front of us. Unfortunately, she was a bit quick, so I didn’t get any good shots. Although, I did manage to get her big white tail disappearing into the trees!

We stopped off at the only fuel stop along the highway to grab a bite to eat. We ate very healthily! Hot chocolate to drink and Pringles chips and chocolate for snacking! Whilst we were pulled over to eat it started snowing lightly.

The weather was starting to close in and we made the decision to head back into the city as we didn’t want to be going any further into the mountains as it would have taken us a couple of hours to get out of the area. It is not the sort of place you want to get stuck for any length of time. 

So, we headed back up the 40 and the skies were much brighter as we got nearer the Trans Canada Highway, but behind us it was getting really bleak, so we decided to head home.

It was nice to get out and about for a few hours and to give the truck a run. Since moving to the apartment we haven’t used the truck nearly as much as we did when we lived in Ontario. As we lived very rurally, we had to take the truck to go anywhere, now we just walk to most places. 

We got home mid-afternoon, walked to Safeway to buy a ready cooked chicken which we had with salad and that was pretty much the excitement for the day.

Monday and Tuesday are going to be very cold again, but Wednesday onwards the temps are going to be in the positives again, so hopefully, we might get out and about. We are well aware that once winter really sets in we are not going to be getting out too much.