I am no plumber or any sort of expert on water leaks, but I’m yet to be convinced that the latest solution is the correct one. 

This water leak has been going on for a while now and it originally started when we saw water seeping up through the flooring in the hallway. The pic below shows the floorplan in the area concerned and the blue areas are where we were seeing water – hallway, and wardrobe. We saw no water outside the wardrobe area in the master bedroom, nor was there any water in the bathroom itself.

When we first got the leak we were asked to fill the bath with some water and leave it for a few hours to see if we saw leaking water. This was to see if the water was coming from the plug area. We saw no leaking during this time. 

We were then asked to let the water run down the drain. this was to see if the leak was further down the drain system. This time we had leaking, so they decided that the leak must be coming from somewhere below the plug. A plumber came and he resealed pipes etc and after leaving it for a couple of days to dry we were able to use the shower again and no leaks. So, this seemed to indicate that whatever the plumber sealed was the correct thing and that the problem was sorted.

Now a few weeks later we have the exact same leak back. Three guys tested lots of different things yesterday and made lots of phone calls and scratched lots of heads and after cutting holes in a couple of walls to gain access to the pipes and sending cameras down them they were still unclear about what caused it all.

My thoughts were that they just needed to do a better job of sealing whatever they sealed last time because it worked. To me, that seemed to point to that being the cause of everything. But, no, the experts seem to think it must be something else entirely.

So, now they have seen that there is a crack in the grouting near the bath top and they think that this is where the water is leaking from.

Of course, this could be the case, but when they removed a section of wall to look under the bath they saw no water or water damage. Also, this does not explain why water leaks then you drain the bath. We also think that there is much too much water appearing for it to have come from this. But, like I said, I’m no expert!

So, now we have to wait for the drywall guy to come and patch up the holes they cut out of the wall and the grouting guy to come and regrout the tiles. Until then, we are using our other bathroom. 

If all this works, great, but I’m so unconvinced and neither is Chris, but hey, what do we know?