When we moved to Calgary in the summer we were hoping for much cooler summers than we had in Ontario and knew we would probably have colder and snowier winters, but….

All through the summer months, we had crazy high temps, well into the 30’s which were found out is really unusual here. So our thoughts of having a cooler summer did not go as planned. Although I have to say the humidity is much less here, so definitely not as sweaty and uncomfortable as in Ontario. 

Then we were looking forward to the fall, but we never seemed to get it. We went from hot summer to snow at the beginning of November. We thought, that’s it, snow now until April, but once again we were wrong. The snow stopped and then the temps began to rise, then fall, then rise. In fact this last month we have seen crazy fluctuations in temperature.

This last week we have been pretty consistently in the low to mid-teens. This was the weather forecast at the weekend, for this week. 

Lots of high temp records were broken at various locations throughout the week and it’s been lovely to be able to walk around town with just a hoodie on. No need to bundle up in multiple layers of thick winter wear. 

Considering we are well into December, and after all, we are in Canada, this is just wonderful. I’m sure we will end up paying for it in the long run, but whilst it’s here, we’ll take it.