Last night we were getting ready to go to bed at about 11 pm when we kept hearing emergency sirens. This is not unusual as we have a fire and ambulance station opposite the building, so hear sirens quite a lot.

However, when Chris looked out the window there were police, fire and ambulance vehicles all around the building next door. This building is a condo building and the same height as ours. We could see about five or six fire trucks, several ambulances, and numerous police cars. The roads had also been blocked off. 

When we looked further we could see a fire in one of the condos facing us, right on the corner. It looked like the fire was on the balcony, but it didn’t seem too severe, certainly not enough to warrant all the emergency vehicles that were present. 

We thought there must be much more to it, but we could still see people in the building in other condos just watching TV or looking out their windows. There were also people working out in the top floor fitness room, so it was all very confusing. When there was a fire in our sister building next door, the whole building as well as ours was evacuated, but no one seemed to be evacuated here. 

Soon we could see the firemen attaching the hoses to the building and soon after we could see lights in the condo on fire. Then there was a lot of smoke as the fire was extinguished. Soon after, many of the emergency vehicles started to leave and everything seemed to be back to normal.

This morning Chris was chatting with someone on Twitter who works for the local press and he said it was initially reported as the whole building being on fire, hence why so many were dispatched. As it turned out a Christmas tree had caught on fire and, although bad for the condo owner, nothing nearly as bad as first thought.

This morning there was a lot of furniture out on the balcony, so obviously the owner lost quite a lot of stuff, but fortunately, no one was hurt.