It was only a few days ago that I was saying how wonderful the weather was, but it’s all changing now. It’s going to get a bit chilly here in Calgary!

I posted on Dec 12 that the temps for the following week we were going to be in the mid-teens, and indeed they were. We had some beautiful sunny days and lots of warmth, considering it is December.

This week, however, it has all changed. The temps have plummeted and yesterday we had the first significant snowfall of the season. Where we are, we got about 15 cm of snow, so not too bad, but areas south of us got quite a bit more, some around 25 cm.

In fact, there was one location mentioned on the local news that had 60 cm. I cannot remember where it was, but that’s quite a bit of snow. We are expecting some more today which will apparently take our totals to around 20 cm, so looks like there will be snow on the ground for Christmas.

This is the weather forecast for the Christmas period! A bit chilly! The temps are still in the mid-teens, but this time there is a minus sign in front of the figure.

On another note, we finally got the maintenance done in our apartment. Last week the guy came round to finish off the drywall repair. Now you can hardly see where it was done. So we got our wardrobe and storage cupboard back. It’s when you have to pile everything in the second bedroom/office which isn’t that big, that you realise how little space you have. But now it’s all put away again, the space is fine. No idea what we did with 3,500 sq ft in our last house!

Also, the tiler came round to repair the grouting in the en-suite bathroom. We had to wait a couple of days for it to dry etc, so only started to use the bathroom again on Sunday. So far, so good, there is no leaking. But, the grouting has already started to crack again, so not sure how long that will last! 

We haven’t been getting out much the last few days due to the cold and snow, but it makes things easier when you can just walk to somewhere without having to drive 25 km to the nearest town for groceries etc. In fact, we hardly use the truck anymore. The poor thing just sits in the underground parking being neglected. On the plus side, we are using far less gas now.