I have begun to accumulate quite the pen, pencil and marker collection to use with my adult colouring books. I needed to tidy them up, so welcome to my new pen case.

I have been keeping my markers in their original boxes, but they are getting really tatty and take up a lot of room. I decided I needed to find some way of keeping them all together but wasn’t sure what I wanted, so decided to search Amazon for ideas.

As it turns out, there are a lot of options out there for us crazy colouring people. I looked at many different types of pen holders, but decided that a zip-up case was the best solution for me, but which one. Anyone that knows me will know that I am the queen of research and cannot simply settle for the first viable option, there are lots of things to consider first! 

So, true to form, I kept finding suitable candidates and added them to my wishlist and soon I’d narrowed it down to about 20 cases. Well, I thought that was pretty good, for me! 

I then went to each one and weighed up the pros and cons, such as how many pens it held, reviews, price and of course what it looked like. Now I was able to delete some from my list if they were too expensive, crap colour or pattern or got bad reviews. Some only held 120 pens, whilst others held up to 160, so I ruled out the smaller ones. Now I was down to just six options.

I quickly determined that two of the options from different suppliers were actually the very same case. One was offering it in three colours for $42 and the other had different colour variations for $38, so the higher priced one was deleted. And then there were five.

There was a red one that I really liked, but it was the highest priced option at $45, but it did have lots of great reviews. On the other hand, there was a nice purple one and that was only $36. Oh, the dilemma. In the end, I ordered the purple one as it matched all my criteria. It held up to 160 pens, looked good and was a good price.

It came the next day and I was very happy with the quality. It also came with a detachable strap, which may or may not be handy. For the moment it will stay in a drawer. 

So, the next hour was spend organising my pens into the case. I managed to get all my Staedtler pens in, as well as my Stabilo ones. Unfortunately, my Crayola and Sharpies will not fit, but I rarely use my Sharpies as they bleed too much and my Crayola ones are in a good sturdy box, so no big deal.

 These are my Staedtler Fineliners and my Stabilo 88 pens
These are my Staedtler Fineliners and my Stabilo 88 pens
 My Staedtler double ended 320 pens
My Staedtler double ended 320 pens
 Some more Staedtler finalizers and Stabilo 68 pens.
Some more Staedtler finalizers and Stabilo 68 pens.

The only issues I had was the double-ended Staedtler 320 pens are thicker than the others. This meant they did not fit comfortably into the holders without getting really tight and making it difficult to remove and return them. So, for these, I ended up placing two together, then missing a slot. This gave the pens room to sit comfortably and makes them much easier to use. This means that I cannot use all the 160 spaces, but it works for me.

If you are interested in buying this case, or a similar one, here are the Amazon links.

Buy from Amazon USA

Buy from Amazon Canada

Buy from Amazon UK

I may end up getting a second case for my pencils, I have quite a few of those too! But, for now I am happy.