Well, 2017 was certainly a big year for us, and looking back have quite a few stand out moments.

During the first quarter of the year, we decided to sell our house in Ontario and move out west to Alberta. Once the decision was made, we redecorated, decluttered and put the house up for sale. Talk about nervewracking! 

The first viewing the very next day resulted in an offer being made and after a little negotiation, we had officially sold our house. The next few weeks were taken up with selling our furniture and planning our trip to Calgary. 

On June 23rd we completed on the house and left our home of 11 years. Then it was the road trip across Canada to get to our final destination. Our travels took us right up into northern Ontario where we had never been before. We stopped overnight in Sudbury on the first night.

Next was Sault Ste Marie

Then an overnight in Wawa with the giant geese.

Our last stop in Ontario was Thunder Bay where we stopped for two nights and included a trip to the Terry Fox memorial.

We then entered Manitoba and stopped overnight in Winnipeg. After driving through the boring Manitoba prairies, it was time to cross into Saskatchewan for more of the same. Finally, 3,075 km later, we reached Calgary, Alberta.

Whilst looking for a place to rent, we stayed at a hotel near the airport. The first few days were spend getting acclimatised and exploring, we spent Canada Day in Banff National Park and even found ourselves in British Columbia.

After viewing several apartments we finally found the one we wanted and got the keys on July 10th.

The first few weeks in our new apartment were spent buying furniture, assembling furniture, exploring the city and enjoying the last few days of the Calgary Stampede. We also explored the mountains of Banff and Kanaskis Country.

Travelling slightly further afield found us in Drumheller, mixing with dinosaurs

and down south in Lethbridge.

Now, as we say goodbye to that exciting year, we look forward to a new year and all the things, good and bad that it will bring, we need to decide where the next portion of our lives will take us. Will will stay in Calgary, travel a bit more, go back to Ontario? Who knows, we certainly don’t, so, for now, we will ride the ride and see where it takes us!

Happy New Year!