We had won $60 in Bumpy’s Cafe gift cards recently, so we decided to pop round for lunch yesterday. Even though they are literally just around the corner from the apartment, we had never been before.

It was a bit bigger than we thought, although not huge, but it has a dozen or so tables. They are open early in the morning for breakfast, but close late afternoon and are not open Sunday. Fortunately, yesterday was Monday, so all was good! There are quite a few vintage type signs on the walls and the place is full of strange bits and pieces.

They have quite a few things on offer, such as panini, mac & cheese, pies, quiche, melts, sandwiches etc. Most things are made to order and we had to order at the counter, pay and then wait for our food to be delivered to the table.

Chris decided to have a bacon cheddar & grilled onion panini and a coffee. I chose a cheese and ham melt, on sourdough with a hot chocolate. As residents here, we get 10% discount, so the whole lot came to just over $17. Fortunately, we paid using our gift card, so technically free!

We were given the coffee and told to take a seat and given a thing to stand on the table to indicate our order. We were the Pink Panther! Soon after, my hot chocolate arrived. Now, I measure all hot chocolate by Second Cup standard as this is my absolute favourite. I would give this one a 7 out of ten. Not as good as Second Cup, but better than Starbucks.

Chris then got his meal of a panini and said it was really nice. It was full of bacon and onions and smelt delicious.

About five minutes later my meal arrived, but unfortunately, it was completely wrong. She had presented me with a cold sandwich and I ordered a melt, so she apologised and took it away.

I had to wait quite some time to get my meal, by which time Chris had long finished his. When I did get it, it was nice, but I would probably have a panini next time as they looked even better.

Overall, menu mistake excluded, we enjoyed our meals. This is probably a good thing as we still have over $40 in gift cards left to spend there. So, I guess we’ll be back sometime in the future.