As you will know from previous posts, we have toyed with the idea of getting an RV to travel in, but keep talking ourselves out of it. We decided that as the annual Calgary RV Show was in town, we would take the opportunity to see lots of different RV’s all in one spot. 

The show is held in the BMO Centre which is the largest exhibition centre in Calgary and we had never visited it before. Although it was a cold day, we decided to walk to the centre as it was only about 3 km away and parking would have cost an extra $20, so really not worth it.

We decided to go on the first day of the four-day event as we hoped it might be the quietest as it was a Thursday when a lot of people are at work. As it was the first day, it did not open until 1 pm, so we popped into Bumpy’s Cafe for lunch, then walked the 3 km to the venue.

We got there a bit early and purchased our tickets ($15 each) and then waited for the doors to be opened. Initially, there was only about a dozen other people there, but quite a few more turned up as the doors opened, but it wasn’t too crowded.

In total there was apparently over 400 different RV’s ranging from the tiny to the absolutely enormous and ranging in price from a few thousand dollars, to about half a million! Yes, we did go into the big money rig, which was a 41 ft long Winnebago Horizon priced at $495,680. It was pretty amazing an the specification was, as you would expect, very high. However, we didn’t think our bank manager would be impressed, so we passed on this one! But just take a look at the interior! So much more modern than 99.9% of RV’s. I absolutely could live in this full-time!

If we were to buy an RV, it would make sense to have a travel trailer as we already have a truck to tow it. So, this was where we concentrated our efforts, although we did take a look at some of the smaller A class and the C class models. As they have their own engines, we would have to sell our truck to buy one and as it is only just over a year old, we would lose too much money on it at the moment, so really not practical for us. But it was fun looking at all the options.

We did find one RV that was one of the best layouts for us that we have seen. It was a Grand Designs Imagine travel trailer 2670MK, that had two pullouts giving some extra width. I liked the fact it had a good size kitchen and prep area and there was also an office space area with a desk. 

It had a reasonable size bathroom and a full queen bed. Best of all, it had two really comfy reclining chairs that had built-in massage. The chairs also had cup holders that lit up with LED lighting that was also underneath the footrests! Another bonus with this rig was that it was 4-season protected, so it was approved for full-time living. This means that overall, it is built better than some rigs that are used as holiday homes and for occasional travel. It was $40k, so pretty expensive, but comparing it with similar units, it was definitely better quality and had higher grade finishes. 

We spent a few hours at the show and it really gave us a good overview of the different layouts available and the price points of each. When we left the show it was snowing, so we had to walk the 3 km back in the cold and the snow.  It was definitely worth the visit, even if we never buy an RV, it was a fun day out.