A few weeks ago we noticed a couple of cracks between the tops of two of our living room windows. We mentioned it to property maintenance and last week they started the fix.

In the living room and kitchen area we have quite a few windows and the two on the east side had a crack running between them right at the top. We then noticed the same type of crack between the other living room window and the patio doors. They are stress cracks caused by the building settling.

So last weekend, we received a notice to say they wanted access to the apartment every day last week. On Monday, a couple of guys turned up about 9:30 am which was great as they had finished after about an hour. They basically sanded down the wall and filled in the cracks. We then had to wait for that to dry before they could do any more.

Tuesday they came about 2:30 and did some more stuff to them, not sure what, but again we had to wait until they could do anymore.

On Wednesday we went to the RV Show and couldn’t work out whether they had been back or not! No one came on Thursday or Friday. As they were supposed to be finished by Friday it was a little annoying that no one had turned up to finish the work, considering they had five full days to do so. On Friday evening we got a notice to say they needed access on Monday. 

On Monday they duly turned up at about 9:30 am and rather than just finish and paint over the patched up areas, they pained the entire two walls, so it took them about three hours in total! 

This is the man at work!

Hopefully, that is all the maintenance for the foreseeable future as we really don’t want any more upheaval. After the hasstle of the water leak and all the work needed to find a solution for tat and now the cracks, we don’t want anything else to happen!