The last thing I was expecting to come across in the middle of downtown Calgary was a herd of cows, but that’s exactly what I found. 

I was exploring the +15 walkway which covers a vast area of the downtown core. Basically, it is a walkway that connects lots of buildings around the city centre, meaning that in the winter you don’t have to venture outside in the cold. It is called +15 because it is 15 feet above the ground. The walkway not only provides a useful way to get around the city, it is also home to many businesses and especially cafes and coffee shops. 

Anyway, I was wandering around these when I came across a very unexpected sight – a herd of cows. Now, it’s not all it seems to be as these were fibreglass cows! 

Back at the millennium, the year 2000, downtown Calgary was home to 125 lifesize cows that could be found on many of the streets. It was known as Udderly Art. The cows were sold to the local business’ for $5,000 and each cow was decorated by the business. All the proceeds were donated to charity.

These days there are only a few of them left and they are located along the +15 in the Udderly Art Legacy Pasture.

It. was really fun to find these creatures and I definitely got some funny looks by passers-by when I was taking the photos. I guess many paople who pass them every day, don’t even give them a second thought. 

The photo quality is not great as I took them with my phone. But it was definitely an unexpected treat and I’m really glad I discovered them.