As we are both big photography buffs, when we found out that a travelling photography exhibition called The Fence was coming to Calgary, we wanted to check it out.

The exhibition has been making its way across the United States and finally made it to our fair city. Over 4 million people have so far seen it and I’m sure there will be more. As its name suggests the exhibition has been printed on to large displays that are attached to a fence. In the case of Calgary, the fence is located along the banks of the Bow River.

Recently parts of the footpath alongside the river have been cordoned off due to construction. Yes, they are building even more condos here! But for once the area has been uplifted with this photography display. Unfortunately, it came to us during February, so it’s been too cold to explore until now.

Last week we had a day that was promising to be a bit warmer. When I say warmer, I mean it was only -8C, so we decided that was the day we were going to walk down and take a look. 

The fence display meanders along the pathway and whilst we were there, there were very few people about, not that I can blame them! 

We spent half an hour or so admiring the photos. I have to say some of them were not as good as I would have expected and I really think that many of Chris’ photos are better.

Here are some more. These animal related ones are my favourites.

After walking along we were starting to get cold, so decided to pop into town for a snack. The path of the exhibition naturally took us to downtown Calgary, so it was only a short walk to the Core shopping centre where it was much warmer and there was the promise of a Second Cup hot chocolate!