I was getting really close to completing many of my other colouring books, so it was time to buy some new ones. Let me introduce you to my four new color by number adult colouring books.

I was fortunate to have won a $100 gift card from Amazon.com. Normally I would buy my stuff from the Canada store, but I took full advantage of this gift card and decided to get some new colouring books. 

Anyone that knows me will not be surprised when I say it took me ages to decide which ones to get. There are so many available, but I had decided that I wanted to get colour by numbers and not just general colouring books, so that narrowed it down a little. 

I shortlisted by putting my chosen few in my shopping cart and then leaving them for a few hours and then going back to narrow it down. Although I had $100 to spend, I had to take into account the shipping costs and I also wanted to get some skincare which took out some more of the total. I could definitely have gotten more from the Canada store had my gift card been valid there, but I was happy that I got what I did without any out of pocket expenses. So, what did I buy?

As it turned out, I got three from the same brand which didn’t occur to me until I actually took them out of the delivery packaging. They are Creative Haven books and I am really happy with them.

Creative Haven Sea Life Color By Number

This is a very colourful book, at least it will be when I’ve completed the pictures. It has 46 images altogether and obviously, they are all based on fish.

The colours to use are located at the front of the book, so you do need to keep flicking back to that page to match your shades. Also, it has a slightly unusual numbering technique whereby it uses a shade called 1 black which isn’t actually black at all. It is actually a shading colour which you should shade lighter or darker than surrounding shapes to achieve shading. This book is very much aimed at pencils rather than pens and markers.

However, I did complete one picture and I am pretty happy with it. You just have to improvise a little. Also, it’s worth noting that the numbers are quite pale which is great for colouring over, but not so good on the eyes.

You can view this on Amazon here.

Creative Haven Mandalas Colour By Number

This is similar to the first book but has 46 mandalas to colour. This book does not have the shading issues I mentioned in the first book. It is a straight-forward use the shade you see numbered. Again all the colours are listed in the front of the book. I have just started one of the images, so the picture below is half finished.

You can view this on Amazon here.

Creative Haven Birds Colour By Number

This is exactly the same as the Sea Life book in that it uses the shading options and is geared towards pencils. I haven’t used this one yet, but here are some of the pages.

You can view this on Amazon here.

Colour By Number Animals

This book is completely different to the others in that is uses geometric shapes to form the images. It is designed so that you can trace and transfer the templates to colour in on other paper. I will proably just colour straight into the book, but I guess you could trace and transfer any colouring book. The advantage is I suppose that you can re do the iamge at any time. 

I haven’t tried this book out yet, but it looks intriguing. 

You can view it on Amazon here.

So, there you have it, my latest colouring books. I’m really pleased with them so far and as I complete the picture I will post them on the blog.

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If you read my blog regularly, you will know that I fell in love with the Colortronic adult colouring books, but I think I’ve found some even better ones.