This weekend is the Calgary Expo which is the Calgary version of comic con where all the geeks and sci-fi fanatics get together to don costumes and buy comic books and memorabilia and generally have a good time.

We have never been to a comic con event before but thought we might go, just because it was so close to us and we wanted to experience it. It looked like fun, but when we saw the cost of tickets we thought better of it. To go on Saturday when all the events etc are happening is $55 per person. Now, if we were big fans and into that lifestyle then obviously it’s worth it, but for us just wanting to pop in for the experience, not so much! There are lots of celebrities at the event who then charge extra for photo ops and more again for autographs, so I’m sure many people spend hundreds of dollars on the event. 

I must admit that we haven’t heard of many of the celebs in attendance, although a few such as Christopher Lloyd, Lou Ferrigno, Jeff Goldblum, Will Wheaton and Jason Momoa are familiar names. As yummy as Jason Momoa is, I certainly wouldn’t’ pay $285 to enter the expo, get a photo and an autograph! That’s just crazy. So, when we found out there was to be a Parade of Wonder on Friday morning with people in costume and a few celebs, we decided that we would take advantage of this free event.

The start of the Parade of Wonder was actually just across the road from our apartment and we could watch the people starting to gather for the 10:30 am start from our window. At about 10 am we decided to wander down to see everyone getting ready for the parade and watch the celebs arrive, just to see if we could get some good photos.   

There were also a few celebs, only one of which we actually knew, Lou Ferrigno. He played the Incredible Hulk back in the day. He was obviously the star of the parade as he was in the first car along with Calgary Mayor, Naheed Nenshi. We managed to get some good pics between us.

There were some other celebs, but we had no idea who they were, but this is them! Fortunately, their names and shows are labelled on the cars. Adelaide Kane and Rachel Skarsten from Reign, James Carpinello from The Punisher, Amy Acker from Angel, Karli Woods from Vamp and Danielle Denicola and Soni Aralynn who are apparently cosplay royalty.

Once the parade was underway, we stayed at the start and watched everyone walk by which was quite the sight!

The parade then made its way down 8th Ave and ended up at Olympic Plaza. We wandered down following the parade, then popped into the Second Cup coffee shop for a hot chocolate and muffin before the crowns arrived after the parade. Fortunately, it was almost empty, so it was a good decision. We then went down to Olympic Plaza where everyone had gathered. Considering it was a Friday, there were a lot of people there. 

Overall, we had a great morning watching the parade and certainly saved a lot of money by not attending the actual event. We saw exactly what we wanted to see, which was the costumes. The weather was great and fun was had by all.