Fleurs de Villes, or flowers of the cities is a flower display with a difference. We saw it mentioned on the local news and as it was being held at Crossiron Mills outlet mall where we were going anyway, we decided to take a look.

Fleur de Villes tours Canadian cities and aims to showcase local florist and designers using flowers. This particular event used mannequins dressed only with flowers. This spring tour has been held at several large Canadian cities and Calgary was the last stop. 

This first dress is based on Meghan Markle’s wedding dress.

I have spit the rest into a couple of slideshows. They are not in any particular order.

This was a very impressive display. Obviously, the florists and designers had put a lot of work into the designs and they looked great. I particularly love the first dress in the first slideshow the brown and red evening dress. To me, it looks like its made of chocolate. Now that would be a great dress, although I think if I had such a dress I would end up eating it and walking around naked at the end. LOL. 

We revisited Crossiron Mills a couple of days later and although all the dresses were still there, they had lost some of their lustre as many of the flowers were starting to wilt and die. I guess that is the problem with this sort of display, they just don’t last very long.