Our final full day in Helena Montana was a Saturday and it happened to be when the A Step Back in Time Classic Car Show was being held, so we just had to go.

When we lived in Ontario we were always going to car shows, but here in Alberta, there doesn’t seem to be as many of them, or if there are, we are not finding them. So, when we found out this show was on nearby to where we were staying we jumped at the chance to take a look.

It was located in a nearby park and didn’t start until 12 noon. We got there early, about 11:20, but they let us in anyway. We weren’t the first people to arrive, but it meant that we got to see some of the cars before the crowds came in. Oh, by the way, it was $5 each to enter. 

As is the norm with this type of car show, the cars are packed in and good photo opportunities are few and far between. I did get some pics of some of the cars that caught my eye.

I seem to have a thing for green!

This next car really got my attention, it was just stunning both inside and out. I was going to vote for this as my car for the show, but after talking to the owner I found out she had only bought it two days before. This meant that she hadn’t put any work into this herself, so it didn’t get my vote. I still love it though.

Some more cool cars.

This one just makes me smile!

In the evening we ate out at Perkins again as it was convenient. Chris chose the same chicken salad he had before, but this version had a lot more chicken and was much better. I opted for turkey, mash and veg which was pretty good. After we both decided to try the mixed berry pie. Holy moly was it good. The pastry was so light and the berries delicious, we could both had had a secnd slice, but refrained.