Today was our travel back home day. Although we had done a lot in the area, I’m sure we could have found some more to do, but it was time to head home.

We did consider returning back through Glacier National Park but decided against it as by now we were into the summer holidays so it might have been a lot busier than before. Also, we would not get to it until much later in the day so again, more people. Also, our entry ticket expired yesterday, so we would have had to pay another $35, so with all this taken into consideration, we went the more direct route home.

We did drive through a pretty town called Augusta which had some interesting buildings to look at. 

I also found this place which would have been an interesting place to visit, but despite the signs, it was closed. 

We got back late afternoon and popped over to Safeway for some bits to eat etc, then chilled for the evening. In total, we travelled 3,705 km.

Points to note:

Casinos: We have never seen so many casinos as we saw in Montana, they are everywhere. Every town we went to had several casinos per block. They are even in gas stations and laudomats. I looked into this and apparently many of the places that are advertised as a casino really only have a few slot machines. Slot machine licences are really easy to get in the state and so many businesses use them to get extra revenue. The “real’ casinos where poker is played are less frequent and mostly on Indian Reservations.

Internet gambling is illegal in Montana!

Sales Tax: There is no sales tax in Montana, so the price you see is the price you pay.

Continental Divide: The continental divide runs through Montana. All bodies of water to the east run into the Atlantic and to the west run into the Pacific. However, there is one spot in Glacier National Park called the Triple Divide where some of the water runs into the Hudson Bay to the north, the only state where this happens.