Last year we arrived in Calgary during the Stampede, but as we were so busy trying to find a place to live we didn’t take much notice. This year we decided to watch the parade from our balcony.

Th Stampede Parade is the main start of the Stampede. Even though Stampede park was open last night, the is the official start, so we were pleased when we realized it would go straight past our balcony.    

The weather was promising to be good, well too good really with temperatures over 30C. The parade was due to start at 9 am from the Calgary Tower area and come along 9th Avenue (we are on 10th), so we would get a good view from our 32nd-floor balcony. Even at that early hour, the sun was beating down and I’m glad we were out of the direct heat and able to go inside every now an then.

The following slideshows are a series of photos I took. I’ll leave you to decide if it was a good parade or not. Personally, we were disappointed in it. I’m not sure what we were expecting, but it was a bit of a let down. 

Once it was pretty much over from our view, we wandered down to street level to catch the end.

After we went into the Fish Shack for dinner. We both had fish and chips and Chris had a lemonade. The fish & chips were $10 each and it was really good.