We always love a good car show, so when I came across the European Classic Car Meet that was being held in Stanley Park, Calgary we decided to take a look.

We had never been to Stanley Park before so had to look up its location. It turned out it was only 3 km from our apartment, so we decided as it was a nice day we would walk there. This turned out to be a good choice as the route there was really pretty, passing through a local subdivision full of grand homes and beautiful gardens. We thought that some of the homes were probably worth well over $1m, but it turns out you won’t get much change from $3m round there!

The subdivision then leads to the Elbow River Pathway which, as its name suggests runs alongside the river. This is a very pretty walk surrounded by trees and views of the river. There were quite a few birds flying around and we stopped to watch a Downey Woodpecker hammering at a tree.

The path then exits into Stanley Park where we found there were picnic areas, bbq pits and beautiful river views. Children were paddling in the river and feeding the ducks. We turned a corner and came across the car show.

There was probably about 200 cars ranging in age from about the 1930’s to the present day. All were European, so there were Ferraris, Volvo, MG’s, VW’s, Porche and many others.

There were quite a few luxury and supercars there, ranging in age and included some Ferraris, Lamborghini, Jaguars and Rolls Royce.

There were also some more basic cars.

And some that were much older.

Of course, you cannot have a car show without a few odd ones!

After a couple of hours it was starting to get really hot, so we got an ice cream then made our way home. We probably walked close to 9 km in total, so not a bad workout and we saw some amazing cars too.